INSTANTaccess PLUS II comes in two Editions. TheTEST-DRIVE and the Professional Editions.

The Professional Edition includes the following programs:

  • IAFIND.EXE - can quickly and easily find ANY file or group of files on ANY hard drive or disk.
  • IAP.EXE - Is the heart of INSTANTaccess PLUS II. This program can run up to 1,000 programs or utilities of your choice (function keys F1 through F10 on 100 pages). You can change the color settings, clock display, date display, and assign individual passwords for each section of the program. You can change the program from normal mode to "novice" mode removing some of the program features. IAP.exe also has a built in Screen Saver which you can configure, and the program also has the EVENT MINDER which will let you run a program at a particular time and date, and much more.
  • MA.EXE - The MENU Assistant is where all of the magic happens. You assign programs and utilitys of your choice in this program to be used in INSTANTaccess PLUS II. This program is easy to use and very intuitive. In just a few minutes you can assign a program to any function key F1 through F10. You can display the program title in many colors and enable the EVENT MINDER which is used in IAP.exe. You can also set a program password to restrict access to your program, and much more.
  • VN.EXE - (VIEWNow) is a text file viewer. You can quickly and easily view ANY text file on most hard drives and floppy disks. It will automatically detect the report generated by IAFIND.EXE (IAFIND.RPT).

The TEST-DRIVE Edition of INSTANTaccess PLUS II 5 has a number of limitations. They include:

  • IAFIND.EXE - will allow you to perform a single search for any files before exiting the program.
  • IAP.EXE - Will allow you to run a single program assigned to function key F1 on page 1.
  • MA.EXE - The MENU Assistant will allow you to assign one program to function key F1 on page 1.
  • VN.EXE - (VIEWNow) will allow you to view a single file on any drive.

UPGRADING to the Professional Edition of INSTANTaccess PLUS II 5.0 will remove these restrictions.

PlEASE NOTE: IAFIND.EXE and VN.EXE are IDENTICAL to the DTFIND.EXE and DTVN.EXE programs in the DISK Tool Utility Suite. The only diference is in the program names.

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