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DISK Tool Utility Suite™

version 6.0

Standard Edition



Now Available!

DTCOPY™ quickly and easily copy any floppy diskette with just a few keystrokes.  You can also make multiple copies without changing anything, and without reading the original diskette once again. This program will not copy floppy diskettes that have been copy-protected. The Professional edition enables you to set program preferences, and more.

DTFIND™ quickly and easily find ANYTHING on ANY drive. Just 3 easy steps and a full report of all fines found will be created. This report can be easily viewed by DTViewNOW.

DTFORMAT™ quickly and easily format any floppy diskette.  Includes security features so you don't accidentally format over a diskette containing data.  Perform FULL or QUICK formats, add volume labels, and even add system files (making the diskette bootable), and more. The Professional edition enables you to set program preferences, and more.

DTLABEL™ enables you to add, change, or delete any volume label on a floppy diskette. The Professional edition works with both floppy diskettes, and hard drives. 

DTSECURE™ quickly and easily delete files on floppy diskettes so they cannot be recovered using most programs on the market today.  Our SuperScrub™ and ProScrub™ file deletion technologies are included. The Professional edition contains features that work on both floppy diskettes, and hard drives.

DTSHELL™ integrates all of the programs of the DISK Tool Utility Suite™ into a single easy to use program.  Just by pressing a single function key you can copy, format, label, and delete files from floppy diskettes, and more.

BONUS Program included ...

This product runs on Windows XP, 7, 8

Versions for MS-DOS® and PC DOS® are available.


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